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Related skills to perfect the restoration of your furniture


To complete our expertise and provide you with a comprehensive service, we received training on anoxia, restoration of marble, locks, bronze or the installation of leather or wool fabric.Our workshop also implemented vacuum techniques. We use those for resin injections for consolidation (as shown on the picture on the left), veneer reglueing or anoxia.


anoxie statique dynamiqueanoxie statique dynamique anoxie statique dynamique In view of their preservation, furniture and gilded wood may be treated by anoxia.

Such treatment does not alter finish, gilding nor upholstery and it guarantees a complete destruction of parasite insects (adults, larvæ or eggs).

It lasts 21 days and requires that we make an airtight pack from special shrink film. Inside, the item is placed with oxygen absorbers. The process is reinforced with the addition of nitrogen and the whole equipment is maintained in a controlled atmosphere, temperature and humidity.

Leather and wool fabric

We preserve leather and wool fabric when possible. However, when they are too deteriorated, we replace them with new covering.

We propose a wide range of leathers for any needs: sheep, cow, smooth or full-grain, colour, etc… Our supplier has the EPV (Entreprise Patrimoine Vivant) label, which guarantees us quality leather and accurate workmanship for thumbnails, spandrels or central motif.

Regarding wool fabric, we can propose several colour choices corresponding to the original fabric.


We work on the reglueing of simple or complex marble with a possibility to recreate gaps with harmony.

Thanks to its suppliers, our workshop also offers the repair of furniture marble.


restauration-serrure-forge-ressort-aloretduboisRestauration serrure copie ressortThe restoration of antique locks enables interventions when a lock is blocked or a bolt is no longer working.

Deteriorated elements of a lock are redone manually: bolt, notch, spring, head, staple, etc…

We work with an EPV-labelled workshop when your lock requires more dexterity and expertise.


Our workshop executes the brazing, cleaning and protection of your furniture bronzes.
Through our suppliers and competent fellow craftspersons, we can also offer services of lost wax casting, chiselling and supply of comparable bronze items.

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