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It is with a thoughtful approach and in a spirit of preservation that we work in restoration of furniture and gilded wood

Furniture restoration begins with an analysis of its structure, state of deterioration and woods used. Our work in restoration preservation implies attention to preserving traces, stopping deterirations and as possible giving back readability to the piece entrusted to us.

Our workshop uses ancestral as well as up-to-date techniques such as a vacuum pump for bonding, anoxia and injections or an airbrush for patina.

Reversibility remains the key word in our interventions and in the choice of restorations products. However and in some cases of extreme deterioration, we are led to using bi-component resins, in surface coating or injection, enabling restoration without any other intervention.

Regarding finish, we prefer cleaning to pickling : lightering of the original finish is preferred to the application of a new finish. If the finish cannot be preserved, we use wax finishing, filled and waxed finishing of French polish.

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