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Our Know-how & our career

Sophie et Jean Blanc : Maîtres artisans en métier d'art

we are both Master Craftspersons and Master Craftspersons in Trades of Art in furniture restoration and gilding

Jean Blanc

  • Master Craftspersons and  Master Craftspersons in Trades of Art since 2016
  • Member of a qualified jury in furniture restoration for professional training since 2016
  • Instructor of a trainee – graduated in furniture restoraton in 2013
  • Jury in a VAE (validation of acquired experience) and for the Restoration DMA (diplôma for art craftspeople) in 2010 and 2011
  • Qualified for the competition of the Best Craftsperson in France (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) in 2010.


Jean returned to school in Chartres for a CAP in Cabinetwork and a professional baccalaureate in Furniture Restoration. He worked as an employee and then carried out work for the Chateaudun castle and for the DRAC of the Centre region. In order to contribute other kinds of knowledge when we opened our workshop, he specialised in the expertise of works of art.

Sophie Blanc

  • Master Craftspersons and  Master Craftspersons in Trades of Art since 2016
  • Instructor of a trainee in 2013, who since then created her own workshop
  • Instructor in gilding within our training centre since 2008
  • Jury President for the CAP in Ornamental Gilding from 2010 to 2015


Sophie Blanc trained to become a cabinetmaket at the École Boulle. At the same time, she was working with a furniture restorer. She then passed her professional baccalaureate in Furniture Restoration in Chartres and worked as an employee in a workshop owned by a Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Craftsperson in France). She therefore carried out works for the DRAC of the Centre region.

When we contemplated opening our own workshop and for additional knowledge, she decided to follow training in gilding and gilded wood restoration.

Since we started our business, we regularly follow professional training to develop our abilities in various specific techniques. These training sessions enable us to keep informed of the evolution of products and techniques applicable to gilded wood and furniture restoration.
This is to better meet your expectations.
We are also keen on passing our knowledge and know-how. This we do by welcoming trainees from professional schools, apprenticeship and our training centre.

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